About us

Association for the development of medical education and management MedScape from Belgrade is a non-governmental organization, a voluntary, non-partisan and non-profit association of natural and legal persons, established for an indefinite period, in order to achieve goals in the field of gathering specialists from different fields of medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, public health and management to contribute to the professional development of health workers and associates and managers through continuous education, as well as the development of continuous education and modern technology.

The goals of our MedScape Association

  1. Research of the educational needs of health workers, associates, managers and the possibilities of their satisfaction through continuous medical education and technology
  2. Development of contemporary programs, in accordance with trends, continuing education in various fields of medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, public health and management
  3. Implementation of the program of continuous education with health workers and associates, public sector and management
  4. Study of different technological and technical possibilities for CE
  5. Development of various effective methods and techniques of CE, as well as the modern concept of online education
  6. Accreditation, preparation, realization, and organization independently or in cooperation with other organizations, professional meetings, consultations, seminars and other forms of education as well as informal gatherings in the country and abroad
  7. Participation in the planning, implementation, coordination and promotion of research projects from the above fields, where research is carried out in cooperation with higher education and scientific-research institutions in the country and abroad
  8. Realization of all other goals that can contribute to the development and promotion of issues of relevance to the Association for the Development of Medical Education and Management of MedScape


Team of the MedScape Association